NELSON Proving Ground Management, NPGM

For the test site the system will enable complete control over all test tracks, work shops e.g. and the whole plant with both speed controls, access control including planning of the usage of different Resources.

NELSON Mobile Unit, NMU

  • Access Control
  • Communication
  • Driver assistance
  • Vehicle monitoring


NPGM creates competitive advantages for both parties, the test site or the testing Company, with more effective tests including quality assurance for better products and faster testing.


Alerts will be sent automatically to the car testing center or to the Nelson mobile phone application to track and verify the conditions. For drivers working outside the testing facility this is especially important if an accident should take place.


Security aspects are built into the system and all involved will always know where all drivers are whether they are performing a test protocol or are driving a service vehicle.


Sharing and displaying the position with those who are authorized means that all can be Assured and Aware.

Get started with Nelson today

Nelson is an easy to manage system for managing proving grounds. A computer and a basic Android mobile phone is all that it takes to get you started.

The Nelson system offers a unique solution using different mobile wireless communication networks seamlessly and allows both local access points as well as a continous connection to the internet for sharing and displaying position on or outside a test track. Share and be Assured and Awear of the conditions on a test track.

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About Rajd Systech

Rajd Systech AB develops, markets and delivers systems for Proving Ground Management to the international automotive testing industry.

Our product, Nelson Proving Ground Management (Nelson PGM), provides support to streamline the test facility and thus creating system Core Values for the benefit of Proving Grounds and its Customers. Our Core Values are Security, Safety and Monitoring.

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