• Nelson PGM

    Nelson is an easy to manage system for managing Proving Grounds. A computer and a basic Android device is all that it takes to get you started.

    The Nelson system offers a unique solution with connection to different mobile wireless network for continous seamless communication on track as well as on public roads.

    For the test site the system will enable complete control over all test tracks, barriers (virtual or physical) and by all system functions, the whole plant. Planning will be effortless and booking made self managed by testing companies.

    Safety and security aspects are built into the system. All vehicles can be monitored and alerts will be sent automatically to defined receivers to track and verify safety and security aspects. For drivers working outside the testing facility this is especially important if an accident should take place.

    Our Nelson PGM system values in other words:

    • Safety & Access Control to test site facilities
    • Monitors, tracks and separates vehicles in real-time
    • Two-way communication between Driver/Driver/Customer Control Center/PG Control Center
    • Manually or automatically generated alarms/alerts
    • Transmission of Alarm to third party
    • Route planning
    • Response management
    • Acknowledgement handling
    • Contains a large number of possibilities for parameter settings

    Nelson PGM is an enhanced version of the System platform Nelson that has been designed with following core functions:

    • Access
    • Communication
    • Monitoring
    • Accounting

    Read more about Nelson PGM specifications >




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