• About cookies on this website

    What are cookies?

    Cookies are small files that may be saved and stored when you visit a website. They are used for saving information on the visitors computer, mobile phone or tablet to improve the user experience and to provide certain services.

    Cookies are present on most websites and are used amongst other things to keep visitors logged in, remember settings that the visitors make or to save what is in the visitor’s shopping cart. They can also be used to log users in automatically when they return to a website they have logged in to before.

    How are cookies used on this website?

    This website uses cookies in the following ways:

    • To keep the visitor logged in when navigating between the different pages of the website.
    • To save information about settings the visitor chooses to edit in the user interface.
    • To hide the information message about cookies if the user has chosen to do so.
    • To check if cookies are accepted in the visitors web browser.

    What kind of cookies are used by this website?

    Settings and login handling for the content management system
    WordPress (which is the website’s content management system) uses cookies to log users in, keep them from getting logged out, check if the visitor’s browser accepts cookies and to save settings users choose to set in the user interface.
    The names of the cookies that are used are:

    • wordpress_[Unique session-ID]
    • wordpress_logged_in_[Unique session-ID]
    • wordpress_test_cookie
    • wordpress-settings-[User-ID]
    • wordpress-settings-time-[User-ID]
    • redux_color_scheme_upload_dir

    Handling the cookie information message
    Used to remember if visitors have chosen to hide the message about cookies.
    The name of the cookie that is used is:

    • ww_cookie_consent

    Block or remove cookies

    To stop cookies from being saved on your computer most web browsers have settings to not accept cookies. This may however affect how websites work and may in some cases render them unusable until you choose to allow cookies in your browser.

    If after blocking cookies you would also like remove the ones already saved on your computer you can do this in your web browser’s settings. You can read more about how to do this in different browsers on aboutcookies.org and allaboutcookies.org.

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