• Rajd Support

    A Service Desk as a single point of contact for complex support chains

    In organizations with a highly mobile work-force using services from multiple providers, even simple questions, such as password resets or WiFi connectivity problems, become out-of-reach for an external Service Desk provider, this is why we offer our clients the Rajd Support Help Desk.

    • Each client is provided with own log-inIllustration of a complex support chain.
    • The Rajd Support Department in collaboration with DataDuctus offers Support round the clock
    • We offer fleet management SW updates for RMU
    • Our support contract ensures each client full support, maintenance and free-of-charge updates
    • We offer both cloud service support as well as own-server-park support to ensuring no downtime

    If you are interested to learn more and get a support solution suggestion tailored for your individual Proving Ground do not hesitate to contact us here.


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