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    Arctic Falls chooses Rajd PGM Solution for increased safety and efficiency on its Proving ground

    Skellefteå, 2024-05-22  

    Arctic Falls, a leading provider of vehicle and tyre testing facilities, has chosen to implement Rajd Proving Ground Management (PGM) Solution on its Proving Ground outside Älvsbyn. The solution is expected to be fully installed and operational by the summer of 2024.

    “We are very pleased that Arctic Falls has chosen to implement our solution for its Proving Ground,” says Evelina Eriksson, CEO at Rajd SysTech. “Our solution is designed to maximize safety and efficiency for test drivers while offering a seamless and intuitive user experience for the track’s staff.”

    Arctic Fall’s decision to implement the Rajd PGM Solution will provide the company with several significant benefits. By integrating the solution, they will be able to offer its test drivers an increased level of safety during testing. At the same time, the system will allow them to increase the capacity of its tracks and provide an integrated platform for booking, planning, and reporting test activities. Another feature that contributed to Arctic Fall’s decision to choose the Rajd PGM Solution is the built-in tool that enables precise lap counting and timing during test drives.

    “This partnership marks an exciting new chapter for both parties, and we look forward to a fruitful relationship as we work together to enhance safety standards and drive innovation in the vehicle testing industry,” concludes Evelina Eriksson.

    About Arctic Falls

    Arctic Falls provides state-of-the-art, high-tech testing facilities for the automotive and tire industry. With seven permanent testing facilities – five outdoor and two indoor – located near the Arctic Circle in northern Sweden, Arctic Falls ensures access to a winter climate year-round through its two indoor facilities. Complete confidentiality, highly skilled staff, and comprehensive services are guaranteed to meet all customer needs, enabling them to elevate their product development to the next level. www.arcticfalls.se

     About Rajd SysTech

    Rajd SysTech is a leading provider of advanced safety solutions for the automotive industry. Focusing on increasing safety and efficiency for vehicle testing, Rajd offers a range of innovative products and services that meet the most demanding needs of its customers. www.rajdsystech.se

    Contact Information:

    Evelina Eriksson, CEO Rajd SysTech, +46 706 111 905, evelina.eriksson@rajdsystech.se

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