• Rajd PGM – Complete Business Tool

    Developed for Safety and an optimal Business Workflow Tool

    • Initial Client Order
      • Booking of ordered Resources in the Booking System
        • Time, dates and Resources
      • Logging client credentials as “User”
        • Basic billing information (Company, Name, Email) and also specifics as updated Driver License, Safety courses performed, Access Rights, Tag numbers, Fuel cards, etc
    • Reception – when client arrives on site
      • Verifying order, group, accesses and rights
      • Logging of RMU and Role for Driver (the RMU will be used also for Access and Access Control, ex barrier control)
    •  When client vehicle(s) enter the PG they are provided
      • an RMU used as Safety and communication interface (including access control)
      • Time logging for use of Resource (if required also other data and statistics can be logged upon client request)
      • Resource Access Control
      • Speed Control
      • Ability for voice and text communication
    • When client leave the PG
      • Billing


    The Rajd PGM Workflow Tool

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