• Rajd PGM Summary

    Unique Solution

    • A complete Business Tool including Safety for Proving Grounds
    • Available on all Android Platforms
    • Optimal Safety offering Test Drivers to send EMERGENCY request
    • Updating Test Drivers in Real Time on Safety information on each ResourceRajd App
    • State-of-the-art security protocols
    • Highly intelligent Server collaborating with Rajd Mobile Unit (RMU)
    • The RMU is an industrial standard or specifically designed device
    • Cost efficient and not dependent on one or few manufacturers
    • SW updates easily downloaded via Google Play
    • Ability to import Geo properties from file using AutoCad
    • Parking and Towing Function touch buttons

    Proving Ground Management (PGM)

    • Customer settingsColmis PG
    • Gatekeeper for both physical and virtual gates
    • Property settings for single or combined areas
    • Planning and booking self-managed
      • Enables complete control over all RMU equipped vehicles, test tracks and the whole Proving Ground
    • Enhanced density of vehicles on tracks with even higher Safety and Security

    Mobile wireless communication network

    • Web based
    • Be on one side of the Globe and follow a vehicle on the other side
    • Where ever there is a network, tracks, offices, workshops e.g.
    • Optional equipped with local access points
    • Continuous seamless connection to the internet for testing in real time.Android platforms
    • Voice Communication, VoIP
    • Text messages dedicated to specific Groups/Clients and/or Resource
    • Alarm if communication is interrupted

    Safety – Security – Monitoring

    • Emergency Alarm Function
    • Monitoring vehicles on all Resources
    • A specifically designed geographic area, geofence areaSafety
    • Proving Ground managed setup of properties
    • Allowed speed (max and min)
      • Allowed or Not Allowed to Stop (Parking)
      • Emergency
      • Driving direction
      • Distance between vehicles e.g.
    • Alerts, messages and prompts
      • to/from Control Center/RMU
      • to/from/between RMU


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