• Rajd PGM version 5.0

    The New Rajd PGM Solution gives an even higher level of Safety, Security and Monitoring on Proving Grounds.

    The following are some of the additions and improvements compared to legacy versions:

    • Mobile unit software updates using Google Play
    • Higher server performance
    • State-of-the-art security protocols
    • Modern user interface
    • Improved handling of alarms and events
    • Assistance request by driver
    • and more …

    The new solution also also contains the core functionality of legacy versions:

    • Import of geo properties from file
    • Display resources and drivers on a map in the web browser
    • Display information for available resources in web client and mobile unit
    • Emergency request by driver
    • Monitoring of conditions and violations to rules of the Proving Ground
      • Communication interrupted
      • Unclear position/direction
      • Parking
      • Basic access rights
      • Resource state
      • Maximum and minimum speed limits
      • Driving direction
      • Minimum distance
    • and more …



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