Safety integrated with optimized management

Rajd Systech AB offers a  Safety solution integrated with a total Proving Ground Management Solution.

Using the Rajd PGM solution enables Proving Ground managers and operators to strengthen their level of Safety and Security as well as optimize utilization of offered resources (tracks, gates, barriers, access roads, fuel stations, workshops, conference rooms, etc). The track manager and dispatcher are offered a total overview via web interface for 24/7/365 on-line surveillance. Seamless connections to our own Collision Warning Solution as well as 3rd party access and video solutions.

The Rajd PGM Solution can be used only for the Safety aspects or as a complete Business Tool covering the whole chain ranging from Client Order to Billing.

The Rajd PGM Workflow Tool

The intuitive web interface display a total track overview and also provides access information, availability information, number of drivers on each track, accident and speed control, barrier control, open and close tracks, gates and other facilities/resources available. If required the solution can easily be connected to surveillance cameras and all other 3rd party solution already in use on the Proving Ground. A Resource is closed or opened with a single click thus also informing all vehicles on the Resource on the current status in real time. All information and updates is updated on screen and enforced with automatic voice message to ensure drivers’ full focus on driving but still receiving  crucial Safety information.

Our Core Values are Safety, Security, Management and Customer Service.

Rajd PGM Web Interface

The Rajd Proving Ground Management Solution offers an intuitive web interface providing optimal security and control. Ability for surveying all available resources on the Proving Ground gives a complete overview of all vehicles on each track/resource including work shops e.g. Alarms and Alerts are immediate handled, speed control, access control and usage planning of different Resources is all done in the same interface. Dispatcher can contact each vehicle either via voice and/or text and close tracks by a “click” if required. The current status of each resource/track is immediately displayed for Test Drivers and all other staff on specific resource/track.

Rajd Mobile Unit, RMU

The easy to use, easy to install Rajd app is provided on a smart phone platform. All phone functions are normally closed and the only available function is the Rajd app. The display provides the Test Driver of basic status:

  • Which Resource/track you are on and your access right
  • Status of the Resource (Open or Closed)
  • Speed limit
  • Min/Max distance to other vehicles allowed
  • Direction (Anti-clockwise/Clockwise
  • Max number of vehicles allowed
  • Assistance request
  • Parking
  • EMERGENCY ALARM (available both as touch and non-touch button)

Rajd Resources

The Rajd PGM Solution offers full control and management of all Resources offered on your Proving Ground. Resources varies from different types of test tracks, access roads, gates (virtual and/or physical) to work shops, fuel stations, reception, etc. Access to this type of control and overview allows for instant actions by Dispatcher, Security and/or maintenance. It also enables ease of access control, utilization optimization and planning in combination with client usage and billing.


Personal Safety for Test Drivers via Instant Alerts and Alarms (voice and text) between Test Driver and Dispatcher verifying current status and situation. The easy access EMERGENCY button immediately alerts Dispatcher and all other vehicles on the specific Resource if pressed, the Dispatcher then gives alert to emergency staff and send message to Test Driver that “Rescue Team Started”.


The Rajd PGM Solution Platform ensures optimal Data Security due to it’s unique building structure and further also embraces Security through the management of access control. No client information is revealed to other clients and no collected data is stored for more than 24 hours. For further information:
See our Security Statement>

Customer Service

A very high level of Customer Service is provided as the Proving Ground can offer optimal safety with minimum effort. The one unit installation and 5 min Test Driver instruction makes life safer and easier for clients. Clients can also easily book resources, get updates from own Team,  get immediate notifications on Alarm situations, etc. No need for multiple accessories/utilities as the Rajd PGM Solution with built in access control ex also open physical gates and doors to workshops if access is allowed.

Get a Rajd Proving Ground Safety Solution with Rajd today!

The Rajd PGM solution is based on using different mobile wireless communication networks seamlessly and allows both local access points as well as a continuous connection to the internet for sharing and displaying position on or outside a test track.  Update in real time (every 1s). We provide both Cloud Solutions and own Server solutions in combination with the Rajd App License, smart phone fleet management and Support Service Desk as a total solution package. Seamless integration with other, already existing, solutions and/or new ones (barrier/access control, personal logging and safety systems is easily implemented if required. Book a demo at your own facility>

About Rajd Systech

Rajd Systech AB develops, markets and delivers total Safety Solutions for Proving Ground Management to the global automotive testing industry. We provide delivery of both standard solutions as well as customized solutions exactly tailored for individual Proving Grounds.

The Rajd Proving Ground Management Solution (Rajd PGM), provides support to streamline the test facility and thus creating system Core Values for the benefit of Proving Grounds and its Customers. Our Core Values are Safety, Monitoring and Optimized utilization. Read more>

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