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    Data Ductus AB


    Data Ductus is a global IT Consultancy firm. We combine market-leading expertise in Telecom, Enterprise IoT and Cloud Management, into a tailored delivery that enables organizations to embrace changing business and regulatory requirements through IT.

    Our expert consultants help organizations to become more agile, to adapt to change, and to gain a competitive advantage.

    Data Ductus AB is the largest single owner of Rajd Systech AB thus a close collaboration partner both within Financing, R&D, Maintenance and Support Help Desk.





    Brandma Design is a Swedish Consultancy Agency focusing on Design and Analytic Strategy. Brandma offers business analyzes, brand and design strategies, marketing plans and communication plans  combined with modern and high quality design of logotypes, graphic identity, webdesign and lot’s more.

    We believe that optimal design and graphics for your business starts with good relations. Let’s get to know each other today!


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